Comparison Between Ido and Novial - Alphabets and Pronunciation

Alphabets and Pronunciation

Both Ido and Novial are written using the modern Latin alphabet with no diacritics.

In the Phonetic Novial spelling system (1928, 1930) the main differences between the Novial vocabulary and those of other systems come from the suppression of the letters c and z. The letter s plays an important part but tends to distort the visual appearance of some words (sientie = science, sesa = cease, sivil(i) = civil).

Ido IPA Novial
A, a /a/ A, a
B, b /b/ B, b
C, c /ts/ TS, ts
CH, ch; /tʃ/ CH, ch
D, d /d/ D, d
E, e /e/ or /ɛ/ E, e
F, f /f/ F, f
G, g /ɡ/ G, g
Dj, dj /dʒ/ J, j
H, h /h/ H, h
I, i /i/ I, i
J, j /ʒ/ J, j
K, k /k/ K, k
L, l /l/ L, l
M, m /m/ M, m
N, n /n/ N, n
O, o /o/ or /ɒ/ O, o
P, p /p/ P, p
QU, qu /kw/ or /kv/ QU, qu
R, r /r/ R, r
S, s /s/ S, s (also Z,z)
SH, sh /ʃ/ SH, sh
T, t /t/ T, t
U, u /u/ U, u
W, w /w/ W, w (before a vowel)

U, u (after a vowel)

V, v /v/ V, v
X, x /ks/ or /ɡz/ X, x
Y, y /j/ Y, y
Z, z /z/ Z, z (also S, s)

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