Comparison Between Ido and Novial

Comparison Between Ido And Novial

Novial was created by Otto Jespersen, who had also been a co-author of Ido. Both languages base their vocabularies primarily on the Germanic and Romance languages but differ grammatically in several important respects. Comparisons among Ido, Novial, and other notable international auxiliary languages have formed an important part of interlinguistic studies. For example, both Ido and Novial were among the languages investigated by the International Auxiliary Language Association (IALA), which developed Interlingua. This article is intended to provide an overview of the salient differences and similarities of Ido and Novial.

Novial is more analytic than Ido, and in Jespersen's view more natural.

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Comparison Between Ido And Novial - Language Sample For Comparison
... Here is the Lord's Prayer in both languages Ido version Patro nia, qua esas en la cielo, tua nomo santigesez tua regno advenez tua volo facesez ... Novial version Nusen Patre, kel es in siele, mey vun nome bli sanktifika, mey vun regno veni mey on fa vun volio kom in siele anke sur tere ...

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