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The rank of Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) (Ceathrúsháirsint Complacht in Irish) is also used in the Irish Army. It is an actual rank and is subordinate to the Company Sergeant (equivalent to a Company Sergeant Major). The CQMS is in charge of supplies, transport, stores, weapons, ammunition and accommodation. He or she answers to the CS in matters regarding the physical welfare of the troops, including issue of kit and the supply of food and water etc.

The title of Company Quartermaster Sergeant is used in the infantry and most corps units. However, in the artillery the rank is known as Battery Quartermaster Sergeant (BtyQMS, not to be confused with the higher rank of Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant (BQMS), which is equivalent to a Warrant officer), and in the cavalry it is known as Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant (SQMS).

The Air Corps uses the rank of Flight Quartermaster Sergeant.

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