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Death Threat Photos

Many of the other founders are dead. Some have been murdered by Adam Monroe, while the circumstances surrounding the others' deaths have yet to be revealed. It is known, however, that Monroe was murdering the remaining founders in an act of revenge for his thirty-year imprisonment.

The founders who received death threat photos took it very seriously. Each death threat photo consists of a picture of a founder, ripped from the large group photo of all the founders, with the Helix drawn in blood across their face. Angela Petrelli and Kaito Nakamura both knew that the photo was from another founder and that their lives were on the line.

Monroe issued and acted upon death threats to Kaito, Angela, and Bob, though only the attempt on Kaito's life was successful. Maury Parkman was used as a "tool" in the murders (before he was incapacitated by his son Matt), for example using his mental abilities to cause Angela to self-inflict wounds upon her face. Maury also received a death threat, but the circumstances surrounding its appearance have not been revealed.

Victoria Pratt did not receive a death threat while she was alive; it was left on her body after she was murdered by Monroe in "Truth & Consequences", revealing that the helix drawn in the middle of the threat is created with blood. It has not yet been revealed whether any of the other deceased founders had received death threats.

In an interview, Joe Pokaski and Aron Coleite confirmed that there were discrepancies among the photo as a result of production errors. There are different versions of the full-group photo, as well as multiple versions of the sub-set photos of Kaito and Angela's death threats. One full-size version of this photo shows Bob wearing a black suit, while another version shows a man in his position wearing a tan suit. Kaito's individual picture has two variations: one which has a person in a black suit standing to his left, and one with someone standing to his left wearing a tan suit. Angela's individual picture has two variations: one which shows her husband standing behind her right shoulder, and one with no one standing behind her. In the large photo of the twelve, there is no "cherub" behind Bob's left shoulder, yet in the ripped photo with Bob, the cherub is shown. The two versions of Angela's ripped photo also have noticeably different marker thicknesses for the Symbol and ripped edges.

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