Community of Christ Membership and Field Organization

Community Of Christ Membership And Field Organization

Community of Christ membership and field organization is governed by the scriptures, resolutions and Bylaws of the Community of Christ and administered by the First Presidency, Council of Twelve and others. To be considered a member of the Community of Christ, individuals participate in two sacraments of the church: Baptism and Confirmation. Baptism in the Community of Christ is by full immersion and Confirmation is conferred by the "laying on of hands."

Membership statistics are maintained by local recorders in each congregation and reported electronically. The Community of Christ reported 2006 enrollment within Mission Centers a total of 195,605 members, up from 195,432 in 2005. Ordained priesthood members in 2006 stood at 20,794, up from 20,700 in 2005. Membership totals for the year 2006 in each mission center are shown in the table below.

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Community Of Christ Membership And Field Organization - Field Organization
... The basic unit of organization in the Community of Christ is the congregation ... The congregation is the Community of Christ in its local area and attempts to bring the ministry of Jesus Christ into the surrounding community ... Mission Center Presidents report to a field Apostle who supervises several mission centers in one of eleven mission fields ...

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