Communist Party of The Soviet Union - Branches


Source: Справочник по истории Коммунистической партии и Советского Союза 1898-1991 (Handbook on the History of the Communist Party and the Soviet Union)
Republic Branch
Russian SFSR Communist Party of the RSFSR (1990–1991)
Ukrainian SSR Communist Party of Ukraine
Byelorussian SSR Communist Party of Byelorussia
Uzbek SSR Communist Party of Uzbekistan
Kazakh SSR Communist Party of Kazakhstan
Georgian SSR Communist Party of Georgia
Azerbaijan SSR Communist Party of Azerbaijan
Lithuanian SSR Communist Party of Lithuania
Moldovan SSR Communist Party of Moldova
Latvian SSR Communist Party of Latvia
Kirghiz SSR Communist Party of Kirghizia
Tajik SSR Communist Party of Tajikistan
Armenian SSR Communist Party of Armenia
Turkmen SSR Communist Party of Turkmenistan
Estonian SSR Communist Party of Estonia
Turkestan ASSR Communist Party of Turkestan
Bukharan SSR (1920–1925) Communist Party of Bukhara
Khorezm SSR (1920–1925) Communist Party of Khorezm
Karelo-Finnish SSR (1940–1956) Communist Party of the Karelo-Finnish SSR
Transcaucasian SFSR (1922–1936) Transcaucasian Regional Communist Party of the RKP(b)/VKP(b)

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