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According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in December 2012 was estimated to be 5.4% of an estimated labour force of approximately 12,000,000.

According to Roy Morgan Research the unemployment rate was estimated to be 10% in December 2012. 17.5% (2.1 million) Australians were estimated to be either unemployed or underemployed. Over 2 million workers, or about 40% of the Australian workforce, were estimated to be currently part-time or casual.

Rank States Unemployment rate (ABS)
1 Tasmania 6.8%
2 Queensland 5.9%
3 South Australia 5.7%
4 Victoria 5.6%
5 New South Wales 4.8%
6 Northern Territory 4.2%
7 Western Australia 3.9%
8 Australian Capital Territory 3.6%

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