Common Time

"Common Time" is a science fiction short story written by James Blish. It first appeared in the August 1953 issue of Science Fiction Quarterly and has been reprinted several times: in the 1959 short-story collection Galactic Cluster; in The Testament of Andros (1965); in The Penguin Science Fiction Omnibus (1973); and in Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories.

The story is considered to be an archetype of symbolism in science fiction.

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Common Time - Author's Commentary
... obviously comes from varicocele, a common form of hernia involving the testicles, and I think now that the whole thing was suggested by the Earth-Moon balls on the cover around which I wrote the ...
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... or kanon (Ger) a theme that is repeated and imitated and built upon by other instruments with a time delay, creating a layered effect see Pachelbel's Canon ... with the fist come prima like the first (time) i.e ... like the previous tempo (usually) common time the time signature 4/4 four beats per measure, each beat a quarter note (a crotchet) in length ...

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