Common Lyddite

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BL 6 Inch Mk VII Naval Gun - World War I Ammunition
... Mk III 23 lb (10 kg) Cordite MD Cartridge Mk IV Common lyddite shell Mk VIIA Common lyddite naval shell MK XIIA QNT Common lyddite naval shell with night tracer Mk IX Shrapnel shell Mk XVI HE shell ...
List Of British Ordnance Terms - Common Lyddite
... British explosive shells filled with Lyddite were initially designated "Common Lyddite" and beginning in 1896 were the first British generation of modern "high explosive" shells ... Lyddite is picric acid fused at 280 °F and allowed to solidify, producing a much denser dark-yellow form which is not affected by moisture and is easier to detonate than the liquid form ... Common Lyddite shells "detonated" and fragmented into small pieces in all directions, with no incendiary effect ...

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