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Pécrot Rail Crash - See Also
... in Belgium List of rail accidents (2000–2009) Seaspeak - a simplified common language Tunnelspeak - a simplified common language for the Channel railway Tunnel British absolute block ...
Mono (software) - Framework Architecture
... Android, MeeGo) CLI Assemblies CLI Metadata Mono's Common Language Runtime Compatible with the ECMA Common Language Infrastructure/.NET Common Language Runtime Mono-specific enhancements Mono.SIMD ...
Sports In Iowa - Demographics - Language
... English is the most common language used in Iowa, used by 94% of the population ... After English, Spanish is the second-most-common language spoken in Iowa, with 120,000 people in Iowa of Hispanic or Latino origin and 47,000 people born in Latin America ... The third-most-common language is German, spoken by 17,000 people in Iowa two notable German dialects used in Iowa include Amana German spoken around the Amana Colonies ...
... to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history ... However, it can also refer to people who share a common territory and government (for example the inhabitants of a sovereign state) irrespective of their ... casual or ephemeral conglomeration, but a stable community of people" "a common language is one of the characteristic features of a nation" "a nation is formed only as a result of lengthy and ...
English Language - Classification and Related Languages
... The English language belongs to the Anglo-Frisian sub-group of the West Germanic branch of the Germanic family, a member of the Indo-European languages ... Typical of most Germanic languages, English is characterised by the use of modal verbs, the division of verbs into strong and weak classes, and common sound shifts from Proto-Indo-European known as ... After Scots and Frisian come those Germanic languages that are more distantly related the non-Anglo-Frisian West Germanic languages (Dutch, Afrikaans, Low German, High German), and the North Germanic languages ...

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    It is silly to call fat people “gravitationally challenged”Ma self-righteous fetishism of language which is no more than a symptom of political frustration.
    Terry Eagleton (b. 1943)

    If you meet a sectary, or a hostile partisan, never recognize the dividing lines; but meet on what common ground remains,—if only that the sun shines, and the rain rains for both; the area will widen very fast, and ere you know it the boundary mountains, on which the eye had fastened, have melted into air.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)