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Committee On Gender, Family, Youths, And People With Disabilities
... The Committee on Gender, Family, Youths and People with Disabilities is one of the ten permanent committees of the Pan-African Parliament ... Functions of the Committee Consider issues relating to the promotion of gender equality ... Chairperson of the Committee is the Hon Bwambale Biira Loice (Uganda) ...

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    What a wise and good parent will desire for his own children a nation must desire for all children.
    —Consultative Committee On The Prima. Report of the Consultative Committee on the Primary School (HADOW)

    ... lynching was ... a woman’s issue: it had as much to do with ideas of gender as it had with race.
    Paula Giddings (b. 1948)

    A committee is an animal with four back legs.
    John le Carré (b. 1931)