Commander, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic - Force Composition in 2010

Force Composition in 2010

  • Carrier Strike Groups
    • Carrier Strike Group Two
    • Carrier Strike Group Eight
    • Carrier Strike Group Ten
    • Carrier Strike Group Twelve
    • Carrier Strike Group Fourteen
  • Destroyer Squadrons
    • Destroyer Squadron 2
    • Destroyer Squadron 14
    • Destroyer Squadron 22
    • Destroyer Squadron 24 - disestablished 2011.
    • Destroyer Squadron 26
    • Destroyer Squadron 28
  • Expeditionary Strike Group 2
    • Amphibious Squadron 4
    • Amphibious Squadron 6
    • Amphibious Squadron 8
    • Fleet Surgical Team Two (FST-2)
    • Fleet Surgical Team Four (FST-4)
    • Fleet Surgical Team Six (FST-6)
    • Fleet Surgical Team Eight (FST-8)
  • Naval Beach Group Two
    • Amphibious Construction Battalion Two (ACB-2)
    • Assault Craft Unit Two (ACU-2)
    • Assault Craft Unit Four (ACU-4)
    • Beachmaster Unit Two (BMU-2)
  • Patrol Craft
    • Patrol Craft Crew Alpha
    • Patrol Craft Crew Bravo
    • Patrol Craft Crew Charlie
    • Patrol Craft Crew Delta
    • Patrol Craft Crew Echo
    • Patrol Craft Crew Foxtrot
    • Patrol Craft Crew Golf
    • Patrol Craft Crew Hotel
    • Patrol Craft Crew India
    • Patrol Craft Crew Juliet
    • Patrol Craft Crew Kilo
    • Patrol Craft Crew Lima
    • Patrol Craft Crew Mike
  • Support Facilities and Activities
    • Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center
    • South Central Regional Maintenance Center
    • Southeast Regional Maintenance Center
    • Commander Strike Force Training Atlantic
    • Surface Warfare Development Group
  • Afloat Training Group, Atlantic
    • Afloat Training Group Ingleside
    • Afloat Training Group Mayport

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