Colorado House Career of Douglas Bruce - 2008 Legislative Session - Removal From Committee

Removal From Committee

On February 13, Bruce, alone among 100 state legislators, refused to sign on as a cosponsor to an annual joint resolution recognizing Military and Veterans Appreciation Day. Bruce had protested other resolutions in the legislature as a waste of time, similar to his practice of refusing to vote on resolutions as an El Paso County commissioner. Later in the session, Bruce proposed a change to House rules to allow members to abstain from voting on resolutions.

In response to public complaints, Republican Minority Leader Mike May removed Bruce from the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee, which oversees veterans' issues. Bruce dismissed the move as "political posturing." Other Republican legislators denounced Bruce in a public letter for "callous indifference" towards veterans. Bruce offered as evidence of his support for veterans his successful amendment to a house bill to include interest in a state repayment to the Colorado Veterans Trust Fund, a move which resulted in an additional $636,000 repaid to the fund. Bruce would later cite this as one of his major accomplishments during the 2008 session.

The following week, Bruce signed on as a cosponsor to an annual resolution calling for civility between members of the legislature; he said that it did not violate his standard of refusing to support symbolic resolutions because he considered the measure to be a "pledge of personal behavior."

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