Color Separation

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Wratten Number - Reference Table
... numbers and some of their uses include Wratten number Visible color Filter factor or alternate designation F-Stops correction Uses and characteristics 1A Called a skylight filter, this absorbs ultraviolet ... visible wavelengths below 470 nm 11 yellowish-green Color Correction ... with Ektachrome or Aerochrome Infrared films to obtain false-color results ...
Advantages of Dichroic Prism Color Separation
... When used for color separation in an imaging system this method has some advantages over other methods, such as the use of a Bayer filter ... Better color separation than with most other filters ...
Image Sensors - Color Separation
... There are several main types of color image sensors, differing by the type of color-separation mechanism Bayer sensor, low-cost and most common, using a color filter array that passes red, green ... In order to avoid interpolated color information, techniques like color co-site sampling use a piezo mechanism to shift the color sensor in pixel steps ... absorption property of silicon, such that every location senses all three color channels ...

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    A separation situation is different for adults than it is for children. When we were very young children, a physical separation was interpreted as a violation of our inalienable rights....As we grew older, the withdrawal of love, whether that meant being misunderstood, mislabeled or slighted, became the separation situation we responded to.
    Roger Gould (20th century)

    Painting seems to be to the eye what dancing is to the limbs. When that has educated the frame to self-possession, to nimbleness, to grace, the steps of the dancing-master are better forgotten; so painting teaches me the splendor of color and the expression of form, and as I see many pictures and higher genius in the art, I see the boundless opulence of the pencil, the indifferency in which the artist stands free to choose out of the possible forms.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)