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Berrill, J. and C. Kearney (2010). Investing in emerging and developing markets. In H. Kent Baker and Leigh A. Riddick (editors), Survey of International Finance, Oxford University Press, (forthcoming).

Carroll, R. and C. Kearney (2009) ‘GARCH modelling of equity market volatility’, in G. Gregariou (ed), Stock Market Volatility, Chapman Hall/Taylor and Francis, London.

Batten, J.A. and C. Kearney (2006) ‘Interdependence and Integration in Emerging European Equity Markets’, Chapter 1 in Batten, J.A. and C. Kearney (eds) Emerging European Financial Markets: Independence and Integration Post-Enlargement, International Finance Review, Volume 6, 1-10, Elsevier.

Kearney, C. and C. Muckley (2005) ‘The Role of the Japanese Yen in Asian Exchange Rate Determination’, in T.A. Fetherston and J.A. Batten (eds), Asia Pacific Financial Markets in Comparative Perspective: Issues and Implications for the 21st Century, Contemporary Studies in Economics and Financial Analysis, Volume 86, 29-51, Elsevier.

Hutson, E. and C. Kearney (2001) ‘The IMF and the New International Financial Architecture’, in A. Chowdhury (ed), Beyond the East Asian Crisis, Edward Elgar.

Batten, J. and C. Kearney (1999) ‘A Brave New World? - Financial Deregulation in Australia’, Chaper 8 in M. Carmen and I. Rogers (eds), Out of the Rut: Making Labor a Genuine Alternative, Allen and Unwin, 209-236.

Kearney, C. (1997) ‘International Finance and Exchange Rate Policy’, Chapter 5 in P. Kriesler (ed), The Australian Economy, Allen and Unwin, 75-95.

Kearney, C. (1996) ‘Volatility and Risk in Integrated Financial Systems: Definition, Measurement and Policy Implications’, Chapter 6 in F. Bruni, D. Fair and R. O’Brien (eds), Risk Management in Volatile Financial Markets, Kluwer Academic Press.

Kearney, C. (1995) ‘The Balance of Payments and Australia's External Constraint’, Chapter 5 in P. Kriesler (ed), The Australian Economy, Allen and Unwin.

Kearney, C, K. Chowdhury and L. Fallick. (1994) ‘Public Infrastructure and Private Investment in Australia’, Chapter 8 in M. Johnson, P. Kriesler and T. Owen (eds), Current Issues in Australian Economics, Allen and Unwin.

Kearney, C. (1993) ‘Australia's External Constraint’, Chapter 2 in G. Mahony (ed), The Australian Economy under Labor, Allen and Unwin.

Kearney, C. (1993) ‘Parity Conditions and Asset Market Models of Exchange Rate Determination’, Chapter 4 in J. Batten (ed), Finance Theory and Policy, Butterworth Press.

Kearney, C, and K. Daly (1993) ‘Water in Australia: Capital Structure and Financing Strategies’, Chapter 4 in M. Johnson and S. Rix (eds), Water in Australia, Pluto Press.

Kearney, C. and R. MacDonald (1991) ‘The Efficiency of the Australian Foreign Exchange Market: A Five Currency Test Using Daily Data’, in C. Kearney and R. MacDonald (eds), Developments in Australian Monetary Economics, Longman Cheshire Press.

Kearney, C. and J. Hillier (1991) ‘The Success and Failure of Australian Financial Futures Markets’, in C. Kearney and R. MacDonald (eds), Developments in Australian Monetary Economics, Longman Cheshire Press.

Kearney, C. (1991) ‘Financing Electricity Infrastructure’, Chapter 4 in M. Johnson and S. Rix (eds), Powering the Future, Pluto Press.

Kearney, C. (1990) ‘Stabilisation Policy with Flexible Exchange Rates’, Chapter 5 in D. T. Llewellyn and C.R. Milner (eds), Current Issues in International Monetary Economics, Macmillan Press.

Kearney, C. (1985) ‘Money and Monetary Control’, Chapter 3 in B. Atkinson (ed), Developments in Economics, Causeway Press.

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