Collecting Specimens

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Entomological Evidence Collection - Collecting Specimens - Collecting Insects On The Body - Pupa
... If a specimen is found with a pale color, it has just entered pupation ... Such a specimen should be kept separate because its exact age can be determined accurately, to within a few hours ...
The Log From The Sea Of Cortez - Journey - Account of The Expedition
... Stocked with supplies, collecting equipment and a small library, the boat put out to sea on the afternoon of March 11, 1940 ... on the tip of the peninsula, where they were greeted by Mexican officials and began collecting specimens ... The collecting team was initially planned to consist of Steinbeck and Ricketts alone, but Carol and eventually Enea and Colletto joined them, allowing for a much more efficient collection ...

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    If we view our children as stupid, naughty, disturbed, or guilty of their misdeeds, they will learn to behold themselves as foolish, faulty, or shameful specimens of humanity. They will regard us as judges from whom they wish to hide, and they will interpret everything we say as further proof of their unworthiness. If we view them as innocent, or at least merely ignorant, they will gain understanding from their experiences, and they will continue to regard us as wise partners.
    Polly Berrien Berends (20th century)

    While I am in favor of the Government promptly enforcing the laws for the present, defending the forts and collecting the revenue, I am not in favor of a war policy with a view to the conquest of any of the slave States; except such as are needed to give us a good boundary. If Maryland attempts to go off, suppress her in order to save the Potomac and the District of Columbia. Cut a piece off of western Virginia and keep Missouri and all the Territories.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)