Collaborators (V TV Series) - Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan

Sean Donovan was the son of Mike Donovan, best friend of Josh Brooks and an avid baseball fan. He lived with his mother, Marjorie, and her boyfriend in San Pedro but saw his father whenever he returned from his trips for his news network abroad. When the Visitors came to Earth, he made the observation that the Visitors looked more human than alien, an observation that led to people suspecting them of hiding their true nature. When the First Invasion began, his town was attacked by Visitor troopers as punishment for several Resistance terrorist attacks. Sean attempted to fight, but he, along with the rest of the town were overpowered and captured and taken to the LA Mothership, where Sean was put into stasis. Later, his grandmother, Eleanor Dupres, was able to secure a release through Steven, and is converted by Diana to make him secretly loyal to the Visitors. He lives with the Resistance and passes information along about the Red Dust, but his true allegiance is suspected by Julie Parrish. Mike initially refuses to believe it, but evidence, including the fact that Sean no longer enjoys baseball, Mike feeds him false information about the Red Dust's deployment and helps distract the Visitors from their real attack plan. After the Visitors retreat from Earth, Mike enrolls him at a state school which eventually helps free his mind from Diana's tampering.

When the Second Invasion began, he was re-captured by Visitor forces when they seized the school and captured the students. Diana then gave him constant doses of a drug called "Procorp" that reignited his faith in the Visitors and received a commission in the Young Guards. Mike tries desperately to re-capture him, but failed. He remains an enemy of the Resistance to this day.

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