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Colin McNaughton's first book was published while he was still at the RCA.

His exuberant picture books with their comic-strip techniques, often take the form of an extended joke:

When I was little, adults were always telling me to `Stop Being Silly' and to `Stop Messing About'. It took me far, far, too many years to realize that these were the only two things in life that I was any good at. Now, it's what I do all day. It's how I write my books: I get an idea and I mess about with it. I do silly things with it. I play with it.

Colin McNaughton's books include the Preston Pig series: Suddenly!, Boo!, Clops!, Goal!, Hmm... and Shh (Don't Tell Mister Wolf!) all of which feature Preston Pig and his near-escapes from Mr Wolf. A TV series was developed from these books.

His most notable book is perhaps There's an Awful Lot of Weirdos in Our Neighbourhood, a collection of poetry written in conjunction with Allan Ahlberg and which was published in 1989. Colin McNaughton has worked with Allan Ahlberg on a number of books, including three of the Happy Families series, Mr and Mrs Hay the Horse, Miss Brick the Builders' Baby and Mrs Jolly's Joke Shop.

Colin McNaughton worked with illustrator Satoshi Kitamura to create Once Upon an Ordinary School Day, published in 2004.

I suppose what I'm striving for these days, in my books, is to do more with less. I'm looking for that kind of quality that the classic, two minute, pop song has; it's great when you first hear it and it's still great thirty years later. It's a lovely contradiction; it's of the moment but it's also timeless. That's what I'm after

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