Colin De Verdi

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Colin De Verdière Graph Invariant
... Colin de Verdière's invariant is a graph parameter for any graph G introduced by Yves Colin de Verdière in 1990 ...
Colin De Verdière Graph Invariant - Chromatic Number
... Colin de Verdière (1990) conjectured that any graph with Colin de Verdière invariant μ may be colored with at most μ + 1 colors ... For graphs with Colin de Verdière invariant at most four, the conjecture remains true these are the linklessly embeddable graphs, and the fact that they have chromatic number at ...

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    Opera once was an important social instrument—especially in Italy. With Rossini and Verdi people were listening to opera together and having the same catharsis with the same story, the same moral dilemmas. They were holding hands in the darkness. That has gone. Now perhaps they are holding hands watching television.
    Luciano Berio (b. 1925)