Cold Boot Attack

In cryptography, a cold boot attack (or to a lesser extent, a platform reset attack) is a type of side channel attack in which an attacker with physical access to a computer is able to retrieve encryption keys from a running operating system after using a cold reboot to restart the machine. The attack relies on the data remanence property of DRAM and SRAM to retrieve memory contents which remain readable in the seconds to minutes after power has been removed.

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... TRESOR was foreshadowed by a 2010 thesis by Tilo Muller which analyzed the cold boot attack issue ... He concluded that modern x86 processors had two register areas where CPU-based kernel encryption was realistic the SSE registers which could in effect be made privileged by disabling all SSE instructions (and necessarily, any programs relying on them), and the debug registers which were much smaller but had no such issues ...
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... Felten and his students were part of the team that discovered the cold boot attack, which allows someone with physical access to a computer to bypass operating system ...

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