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History Of Cumbria - After The Romans
... Even before the Romans left Britain, it appears that Coel Hen was an important figure in the Roman province of Northern Britain, which covered everything between the River Humber and the River Tweed ... After the withdrawal, Coel Hen became the High King of Northern Britain (in the same vein as the Irish Ard RĂ­) and ruled from Eburacum (now York) ... Following Coel Hen's death, his kingdom was continually divided among his descendants until, in the 6th century, Urien is recorded as the king of a land called Rheged ...
Gwenddoleu Ap Ceidio
... Genealogies make him a descendant of Coel Hen, who is believed to have ruled much of what is now southern Scotland and the Borders following the Roman withdrawal from the island of Britain ... the heir to one of the many successor states of Coel Hen's realm or an usurper who claimed descent from Coel Hen to legitimize his family's claim to the region ...

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