Codex Basilensis A. N. IV. 2

Codex Basilensis A. N. IV. 2, Minuscule 1 (on the list of Gregory-Aland), δ 254 (in von Soden's numbering) and formerly designated by 1eap to distinguish it from minuscule 1rK (which previously used number 1) is a Greek minuscule manuscript of the New Testament, usually dated palaeographically to the 12th century AD. It is written on 297 parchment leaves and contains the entire New Testament except the Book of Revelation.

The codex was prepared for liturgical use with marginalia (text's division), and has almost completely survived; it was used by Erasmus for his Novum Instrumentum omne. The text of the manuscript has been cited in all critical editions of the Greek New Testament; in this codex, the text of the Gospels is more highly esteemed by scholars than that of the remaining New Testament books. The codex is housed at the Basel University Library, with shelf number A. N. IV, 2 (earlier B. VI. 27).

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