Codex Argenteus

The Codex Argenteus, "Silver Book", is a 6th century manuscript, originally containing bishop Ulfilas's 4th century translation of the Bible into the Gothic language. Of the original 336 folios, 188—including the Speyer fragment discovered in 1970—have been preserved, containing the translation of the greater part of the four gospels. A part of it is on permanent display at the Carolina Rediviva library in Uppsala, Sweden.

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... Codex Argenteus (Uppsala) (and the Speyer fragment) 188 leaves ... The best preserved Gothic manuscript, the Codex Argenteus, dating from the 6th century, was preserved and transmitted by northern Ostrogoths in modern Italy ... is a translation from Greek, the language of the Codex Argenteus is replete with borrowed Greek words and Greek usages ...