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Lehigh Valley Railroad - History - 1890-1900 - The Reading Lease
... The coal trade was always the backbone of the business but was subject to boom and bust as competition and production increased and the economy cycled ... The coal railroads had begun in 1873 to form pools to regulate production and set quotas for each railroad ... By controlling supply, the coal combination attempted to keep prices and profits high ...

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    We noticed several other sandy tracts in our voyage; and the course of the Merrimack can be traced from the nearest mountain by its yellow sand-banks, though the river itself is for the most part invisible. Lawsuits, as we hear, have in some cases grown out of these causes. Railroads have been made through certain irritable districts, breaking their sod, and so have set the sand to blowing, till it has converted fertile farms into deserts, and the company has had to pay the damages.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    In those days, the blag slag, the waste of the coal pits, had only begun to cover the side of our hill. Not enough to mar the countryside nor blacken the beauty of our village. For the colliery had only begun to poke its skinny black fingers between the green.
    Philip Dunne (1908–1992)