CNX was a channel operated by Turner Broadcasting in the UK and Ireland between 2002 and 2003. It aimed at a male-leaning audience, with daytime programming aimed at older children and teenagers (predominantly 12-18 years of age), and evening programming aimed at older teenagers and young adults (the 16-34 demographic). The channel was carried in the 'Entertainment' section of the Sky programme guide, and was also available on cable (through the firms which are now Virgin Media).

The name CNX was derived from Cartoon Network (CN) - the name was reported to stand for 'Cartoon Network eXtreme', though this term was not used on air and only the initials were used. Initially, the CNX branding was used throughout the channel's airtime, but shortly prior to the channel's closure the station switched to branding younger daytime output as Toonami, returning the brand to the UK following the removal of the Toonami branding from Cartoon Network UK at CNX's launch, with CNX remaining as the brand for adult-aimed evening output.

Some daytime programming on the channel had previously screened within the Toonami block on Cartoon Network UK, and to tie in with this CNX daytime programmes were promoted on Cartoon Network, which remained in the Kids section of the programme guide; however, as the evening/night output was aimed at an older audience, it was not promoted on the kids' channel (though it was promoted on other Turner properties, such as TCM UK).

Evening programmes on CNX expanded upon the channel's "Triple A" - Action, Adventure and Anime - theme, with comedy (such as Adult Swim output, some of which had previously aired in the AKA/Cult Toons strand on Cartoon Network UK, which does not have an Adult Swim strand), anime, extreme sports, drama (principally action/crime series such as The Shield and Birds of Prey), and movies, with the channel's film output predominantly consisting of martial arts films, anime films and action/drama.

The channel closed as CNX in 2003 when the adult-focused evening programmes were removed from the schedule, and the channel became a 24-hour Toonami-branded action cartoons channel listed in the Kids guide alongside Cartoon Network and Boomerang. In 2007, the channel took the Cartoon Network TOO branding, with the previous CN TOO giving its entire airtime to Cartoonito, which had previously operated as a block on the channel. Whilst action cartoons continue to appear alongside other styles on the Cartoon Network channels, the Toonami branding is no longer used.

Films previously seen on CNX reverted to TCM following the cessation of CNX programming; the Adult Swim output has since resurfaced on various other channels in the UK including Bravo, FX and TCM2.

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