Clue or clues may refer to:

  • Cluedo (known as Clue in North America), a crime fiction board game
    • Clue (video game), based on the board game
    • Clue (musical), based on the board game
    • Clue (book series), based on the board game
    • Clue (film), based on the board game
    • Clue (TV series), based on the board game
  • Clue (1992 video game), 1992
  • DJ Clue? (born 1975), mixtape DJ
  • Clue cell, a type of vaginal cell
  • CluE, or Cluster Exploratory, a National Science Foundation-funded research program
  • Clue, software for creating orienteering control point "clue" cards
  • C.L.U.E., the Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, a database of insurance claims used industry-wide by insurance companies
  • "Clues" (Star Trek: The Next Generation), an episode of the science fiction television series Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Clues (band), indie pop band from Montreal
    • Clues (Clues album), 2009
  • Clues (Robert Palmer album), 1980
  • Arthur Clues (1924–1998), Australian rugby league footballer
  • I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, or Clue, a BBC radio comedy panel game

Other articles related to "clue, clues":

Clue Suspects
... Clue Suspects is a single-player variation on the classic board game Clue, where a player is given a series of clues and must deduce where in the mansion each suspect should ...
Londinium Pedo - Format
... at a given starting time, is handed the first clue sheet, and makes its way to the next checkpoint during the alloted thirty minutes ... Each clue sheet details a number of inscriptions to find (any written material is fair game, including graffiti, plaques, manhole covers, graves and ... A 'Mini Pedo' version, which uses a smaller number of the clues on each clue sheet is recommended for newcomers ...
Clue To Kalo
... Clue to Kalo is a Folktronica band from Adelaide, South Australia, featuring Mark Mitchell and a revolving cast of supporting musicians ... Clue To Kalo’s initial commercial success came in the US through LA-based Mush Records ...
List Of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Sketches - Recurring Segments Featuring Celebrity Guests - Celebrity
... During the first round, the clue-giver can give as much of a clue as they want ... During the second round, the same set of names is used, but the clues are limited to three words ... During the third and final round, the same names are used again, but the clue-givers may only use gestures (like in charades) ...

Famous quotes containing the word clue:

    The mystery of the evening-star brilliant in silence and distance between the downward-surging plunge of the sun and the vast, hollow seething of inpouring night. The magnificence of the watchful morning-star, that watches between the night and the day, the gleaming clue to the two opposites.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)