Clothier may refer to one of the following professions:

  • Tailor – the most common modern usage
  • Cloth merchant
  • A cloth manufacturer – see cloth production

As a surname, Clothier may refer to one of the following individuals:

  • Hurshul Clothier (1922–2006), American western swing band musician and bandleader
  • Robert Clothier (1921–1999), Canadian stage and television actor
  • Robert Clarkson Clothier (1885–1970), president of Rutgers University 1932–1951 and president of the New Jersey Constitutional Convention of 1947
  • William Clothier (1881–1962), American tennis player
  • William H. Clothier (1903–1996), American cinematographer

The Long Beach Clothiers were a baseball team in the Southern California Trolley League in 1910.

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Kemptville - Timeline
1791 - Oxford-On-Rideau surveyed 1804-05 - Lyman Clothier moves into Oxford-On-Rideau 1814 - Lyman Clothier buys 100 acres (0.40 km2) in Kemptville ... and saw mill open 1843 - First Steamboat is built in Kemptville by Lyman Clothier Jr. 1844 - The First Grammar School is built on Clothier Street 1847 - Baptist Church is built on the North Main Street 1848 - Another mill is built which also acted as a distillery for a time 1851-52 - Population of ...
The Rose Rent - Themes and Setting in History
... by marriage, or a marriage of love, are constantly rising as her clothier business remains prosperous ... All the aspects of the clothier trade are described as the story unfolds, from sheep shearing to carding the wool, to dyeing, fulling and weaving it, including the sources of the dyes ... Much of the clothier crafts grew in the countryside, outside London, where innovations in process took hold more quickly ...
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... Clothier gradually became detached from public affairs, although he did occasionally write letters to newspapers ... Medicine was important to Clothier both professionally and personally ... The heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub first operated on Clothier in 1976 and continued to care for him over many years ...
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... Clothier departed the Office in 1984 regretful that he was alone among national Ombudsmen in the world in not having powers to investigate on his own initiative and that his jurisdiction was limited to not ... Nevertheless, Clothier had been an effective Ombudsman 'a man of achievement and integrity he liked to get things done and was unafraid to upset people en route.' He had worked to enhance ... It had been important to Clothier 'to give the citizen a leg up against what must seem to him to be the impenetrable vastness of Whitehall' ...
William H. Clothier
... Clothier, A.S.C ... Born in Decatur, Illinois, Clothier entered the film industry painting sets at Warner Bros ... In 1955, Clothier filmed The Sea Chase, his first project as Director of Photography with John Wayne, after which the actor signed him to a contract with his Batjac Productions ...