Clotaire Rapaille

Clotaire Rapaille

G Clotaire Rapaille, or Gilbert Clotaire Rapaille, is a marketing specialist. Born in France, he has a doctorate from La Sorbonne. He moved to the United States in the early 80s. Rapaille is also the CEO and Founder of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide, located in Palm Beach, Florida.

According to archived versions of his website, "Dr. Rapaille's technique for market research has grown out of his work in the areas of psychiatry, psychology, and cultural anthropology" and he "received a Masters of Political Science, a Masters of Psychology, and a Doctorate of Medical Anthropology from the Universite De Paris - Sorbonne."

However, several elements of his biography, including his client list and the field of his doctorate, were challenged in an investigation conducted by the newspaper Le Soleil in March 2010, following the award of a controversial contract to Rapaille by the city of Quebec. The inaccuracies in his résumé led to the cancellation of his contract.

In addition to his books, he is known for advising politicians and advertisers on how to influence people's unconscious decision making. Rapaille's work identifies the unstated needs and wants of people in a certain culture or country as cultural archetypes.

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