Close Relatives

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Cormorant - Systematics - Species in Phylogenetic Sequence
... This species apparently has no close living relatives ... Red-legged Cormorant, Phalacrocorax gaimardi Blue-eyed shags and relatives variously placed in Euleucocarbo, Hypoleucos, Leucocarbo, Notocarbo and Stictocarbo ("Leucocarboninae"), and the monotypic Nannopterum ... an apomorphic white ear-spot A group of numerous close-knit forms from southern Pacific and subantarctic waters which are white below with pink feet but otherwise quite varying in appearance ...
Majapahit - Administration - Territorial Division
... Usually this position reserved for the close relatives of the king ... there were 12 provinces of Majapahit, administered by king's close relatives Provinces Titles Rulers Relation to the King Kahuripan (or Janggala, today Surabaya) Bhre Kahuripan ... ruled by the Bhres (dukes), the king's close relatives ...
Dinosoor - Classification - Taxonomy
... bipedal carnivores) †Coelophysoidea (small, early theropods includes Coelophysis and close relatives) †Dilophosauridae (early crested and carnivorous theropods) †Ceratosauria (general ...
Wrentit - Systematics
... the Wrentit and the parrotbills which also turned out to be close relatives ... Peculiarly, the Dartford Warbler and close relatives like Marmora's Warbler bear an uncanny resemblance to the Wrentit their ecology is quite similar indeed as all are birds of Mediterranean scrub ... evolution between birds that are close relatives but by far not as close as their appearance would suggest ...

Famous quotes containing the words relatives and/or close:

    When mother’s relatives visited,
    delicacies were cooked.
    When father’s guest arrrived,
    mother swelled and had a fit.
    Punjabi proverb, trans. by Gurinder Singh Mann.

    A really tight friendship is when you start to really care about the person. If he gets sick, you kind of start worrying about him—or if he gets hit by a car. An everyday friend, you say, I know that kid, he’s all right, and you don’t really think much of him. But a close friend you worry about more than yourself. Well, maybe not more, but about the same.
    —Anonymous Fifteen-Year-Old Boy. As quoted in Children’s Friendships by Zick Rubin, ch. 3 (1980)