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Trapped In The Closet - Plot - Video Synopsis
... Ending cliffhanger line "Now he's opening the closet..." Chapter 2 The second chapter starts with the husband now knowing what his wife was doing ... Ending cliffhanger line "I can't believe it's a man..." Chapter 3 Chapter three starts with all four people in the room ... Ending cliffhanger line "Call up my home and a man picks up the phone..." Chapter 4 Sylvester is seen rushing home, angered and belligerent, but is ...

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    The line that I am urging as today’s conventional wisdom is not a denial of consciousness. It is often called, with more reason, a repudiation of mind. It is indeed a repudiation of mind as a second substance, over and above body. It can be described less harshly as an identification of mind with some of the faculties, states, and activities of the body. Mental states and events are a special subclass of the states and events of the human or animal body.
    Willard Van Orman Quine (b. 1908)