Cleghorn, a Scottish surname, may refer to people:

  • Archibald Scott Cleghorn (1835–1910), Scottish businessman who married into Hawaiian royal family
  • Harold Cleghorn, New Zealand weightlifter
  • Hugh Francis Cleghorn (1820–1895), physician, botanist and forest conservationist
  • John Cleghorn, a Canadian businessman
  • Victoria Kaʻiulani Cleghorn (1875–1899), Crown Princess of Hawaii
  • William Cleghorn (1718-1754) a British philosopher

or places:

  • Cleghorn, Scotland, a small village near Lanark, South Lanarkshire.
  • Cleghorn, Iowa, a small city in the United States
  • Cleghorn, Wisconsin unincorporated
  • Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness California

Other articles related to "cleghorn":

1912–13 Montreal Canadiens Season - Regular Season
... Newsy Lalonde would trip Odie Cleghorn and his brother Sprague Cleghorn then skated over and hit Lalonde on the face, opening a 12 stitch cut ... Cleghorn would be charged in Toronto court and fined $50 and suspended by the league ...
1921–22 Montreal Canadiens Season - Player Stats
... season Scoring Player Pos GP G A Pts PIM Cleghorn, SpragueSprague Cleghorn D 80 ... Cleghorn, OdieOdie Cleghorn RW/C 26 ... Boucher, BillyBilly Boucher RW 18 ... Berlinquette, LouisLouis ...
1920–21 Ottawa Senators Season - Regular Season
... On December 30, 1920, the Senators were ordered to give up Sprague Cleghorn to Toronto, on the orders of the league ... over the total salary limit for players and Cleghorn was ordered to report to Toronto ... Cleghorn eventually reported to Toronto, but returned to Ottawa in time to play in the playoffs ...
Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn
... Sarah Norcliffe Cleghorn (February 4, 1876-April 4, 1959) was a miniaturist poet associated with the American Naturalist literary movement ... Born in Norfolk, Virginia, Cleghorn spent much of her early childhood in Minnesota and Wisconsin before moving to Vermont at age 9 after the death of her mother ... Cleghorn's poetry is largely didactic in nature, serving to illustrate Christian Socialist values and progressive political and social principles ...

Famous quotes containing the word cleghorn: has been a joy to live, at last, under an Administration which—stumbling forward and backward, colliding with all the habits of government, all the habits of business—has still endeavored to make the happiness of man, woman and child its chief consideration.
    —Sarah N. Cleghorn (1876–1959)