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Alaska Clean Water Initiative, 2008
2006 · 2010 · 2012 Ballot measures Alaska Ballot Measure 2 (1998) Alaska Clean Water Initiative, 2008 Anchorage Mayoral elections 2009 The Alaska Clean Water Initiative (ACWI ... In August 2008, Ballot Measure 4, the "Alaska Clean Water Initiative," was voted down (approximately 57% against and 43% in favor) in the statewide primary election ...
Alaska Clean Water Initiative, 2008 - History
... In April 2006 the first iteration of the Clean Water Initiative (Clean Water 1) was submitted to the State of Alaska for approval to begin collecting signatures ... The initiative proposed to severely limit the byproducts of mining operations that can be released into streams and rivers and prohibits even the use of any amount of any "toxic ... Initiative backers appealed to the Alaska Superior Court, which in October 2007 ruled that the initiative did not violate the Alaska constitution and approved it to begin collection of signatures ...

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