Claudia Moore - MOonhORsE Dance Theatre

MOonhORsE Dance Theatre

In 1996, she founded MOonhORsE dance theatre (“moon” for poetry, “horse” for physical) as a forum for the deepening of her choreographic language and the creation of contemporary dance. Since its inception, the company has created an original body of dance theatre.

Moore's choreography is "body poetry", expressing the human condition with a startling physical imagination. Along with her gifted performers, she weaves movement from the whimsy, drama, and passion of life. MOonhORsE dance theatre encompasses a range of artistic endeavors including "Older and Reckless" - a performance series that features new work by senior dance artists and "Poetry in Space" - the company's professional development workshops. MOonhORsE dance theatre also commissions guest choreographers, co-produces dancefilm projects and contributes to the education of young people in the field of the performing arts.

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