Classification of Transsexuals

Classification Of Transsexuals

The classification of transsexual people and people with other gender atypicalities has been done since the mid-1960s. In medicine and psychiatry, terms such as "heterosexual" and "homosexual" have been based on a person's sex assignment at birth, which has prompted the increased use of androphilia and gynephilia to avoid terminological confusion. In social and political contexts classification is often relative to one's desired sex.

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Classification Of Transsexuals - Blanchard's Transsexualism Typology (1980s)
... Blanchard divides male-to-female (MtF or M2F) transsexuals into two different groups "homosexual transsexuals", who are attracted to men, and "non-homosex ... that the theory is poorly representative of MtF transsexuals, reduces gender identity to a matter of attraction, is non-instructive, and that the research ... The theory has been the subject of protests in the transsexual and larger LGBT community, although it has its supporters ...