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Navicular Disease - Treatment and Prognosis For Navicular Syndrome - Medication
... Classical treatments often do not provide satisfactory results and the horse remains lame and occasionally the horse must be euthanized ... anti-hypercalcemic and anti-bone-resorptive activity, would be a safe and effective treatment for navicular syndrome ... Horses diagnosed with navicular syndrome, and non-responsive to classical treatments were treated orally with 500 cc of a one percent gallium nitrate (1.36 grams elemental gallium/da ...

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    Compare the history of the novel to that of rock ‘n’ roll. Both started out a minority taste, became a mass taste, and then splintered into several subgenres. Both have been the typical cultural expressions of classes and epochs. Both started out aggressively fighting for their share of attention, novels attacking the drama, the tract, and the poem, rock attacking jazz and pop and rolling over classical music.
    W. T. Lhamon, U.S. educator, critic. “Material Differences,” Deliberate Speed: The Origins of a Cultural Style in the American 1950s, Smithsonian (1990)