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Later Life

At the age of 21, Dickson Wright passed her exams and became the country's youngest barrister. After her mother died of a heart attack in 1975, she inherited £2.8 million. Her mother's death, combined a few years later with her father's, left her in a deep depression, and she drank heavily for the following 12 years.

In 1979, Clarissa Dickson Wright took control of the food at a drinking club in St James's Place in London. While there she met Clive, a fellow alcoholic, and they had a relationship until his death in 1982 from kidney failure at the age of 40. Shortly thereafter she was disbarred for practising without chambers. Dickson Wright claims that, during her alcoholic years, she had sex with an MP behind the Speaker's chair in the House of Commons. By 1983, she was homeless and staying with friends. For two years she was cook-housekeeper for a family in Sussex until she was fired for her alcohol-induced behaviour. After being charged with driving under the influence, Dickson Wright started to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, counselling, and a detox centre. In 1987, she attended a recovery centre called Promis in Kent; she left after 10 weeks. In her 2009 book Rifling through my Drawers she expressed a belief in reincarnation. She is a keen supporter of hunting.

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