Cladding is the covering of one material with another. It may refer to the following:

  • Cladding (metalworking)
  • Cladding (fiber optics)
  • Cladding (construction)
    • Copper cladding
    • Rainscreen cladding
  • Cladding (nuclear fuel)
  • Cladding (boiler)

Other articles related to "cladding":

Cladding Mode
... In fiber optics, a cladding mode is a mode that is confined to the cladding of an optical fiber by virtue of the fact that the cladding has a higher refractive index than the surrounding medium, which is ... with a refractive index that is slightly higher than that of the cladding, so that light propagating in the cladding is rapidly attenuated and disappears after only a few centimeters of propagation ... which is designed to support a mode in its inner cladding, as well as one in its core ...
Stone Cladding
... Stone cladding is a thin layer of stone or simulated stone applied to a building or other structure made of a material other than stone ... Stone cladding is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings as part of their original architectural design ... Stone cladding often refers to lightweight simulated stone products with a concrete type base ...
Subaru Legacy (third Generation) - Outback - Australia
... front door bodywork (as opposed to being placed on the plastic cladding) ... This generation of Outback was released in an early style with gold coloured cladding, all-in-one headlights (not dissimilar to the US model headlights) and internally a light gray cloth (someti ... The later style (2002–2004) was updated with silver cladding, an updated range of paint colours, multi-unit headlights (where headlight and indicators were in different sections of the unit) and internally a dark ...
Core (optical Fiber)
... The core is surrounded by a medium with a lower index of refraction, typically a cladding of a different glass, or plastic ... travelling in the core reflects from the core-cladding boundary due to total internal reflection, as long as the angle between the light and the boundary is less than the critical angle ... is called the acceptance angle, and the rays that are confined by the core/cladding boundary are called guided rays ...