Citybus or City bus may refer to:

  • A city bus, also known as a commuter bus, transit bus, or public bus
  • Citybus (Hong Kong), a bus operator in the territory of Hong Kong.
  • Metro (Belfast), a bus operator in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, with an older name of Citybus.
  • The Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation, which uses the operating name of CityBus.
  • Volvo Citybus (also known as B10MD, D10M), a double-deck bus developed from mid-engined Volvo B10M.
  • Plymouth Citybus, a bus operator in the city of Plymouth.
  • Capital Citybus, a former London bus operator by Citybus Hong Kong and have been purchased by First Group.
  • Irisbus Citybus, a model of urban bus built by Irisbus. Available in 12 metre and 18 metre versions.
  • Indore City Bus, a road transport system run by Indore City Transport Services Limited in India

The similar name Citibus may refer to:

  • Citibus (New Zealand), a bus and coach company in New Zealand
  • Davenport CitiBus, public transit in Davenport, Iowa
  • Citibus (Lubbock), a public transit service in Lubbock, Texas
  • Citibus Tours, a bus company that operated in Greater Manchester, England

Other articles related to "citybus":

History - Plymouth Citybus
... Buses were repainted and given 'Plymouth Citybus' branding ... For some time the Citybus services had been operated to break even so that no financial support was needed from the city council, but the Transport Act 1985 required all council-owned bus ... As a result Plymouth Citybus Limited was formed on 26 October 1986 ...
Kingswood Villas - Transportation
... It was originally operated by Citybus ... But Citybus decided to withdraw all routes and Kwoon Chung Motors replaced Citybus to operate them in 2006 ...
Capital Citybus
... Capital Citybus was a major bus operator for London Buses in North and East London ... Capital Citybus is not to be confused with the other former London bus and coach operator Capital Logistics, for whom in 1999 it provided amongst others ...
MAN NL262 in Hong Kong - Citybus
... Citybus is the launcher of this bus. 80 buses all in total (1501-1580) ...