Citril Finch

The Citril Finch (Carduelis citrinella), also known as the Alpine Citril Finch, is a small songbird, a member of the true finch family Fringillidae. For a long time, this cardueline finch was placed in the genus Serinus, but it is apparently very closely related to the European Goldfinch (C. carduelis).

This bird is a resident breeder in the mountains of southwestern Europe from Spain to the Alps. Its northernmost breeding area is found in the Black Forest of southwestern Germany. Individuals recorded further north are probably escaped from captivity, as most such records are from some time ago. For example, Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde Dresden specimen 582 is a first-year male shot supposedly in Saxony earlier than 1849; that museum's specimen 21956 was the skull of another Citril Finch presumably taken in Saxony 1915, but it was destroyed in World War II.

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Citril Finch - Ecology
... The Citril Finch differs from the Corsican Finch C ... While the mainland Citril Finch is rather restricted to subalpine coniferous forests and alpine meadows, the insular Corsican Finch may be found in different habitats from sea level to the highest ... The Citril Finch nests mainly in conifers such as pines (Pinus) and spruces (Picea) while the Corsican Finch uses also lower bushes such as Tree Heath (Erica ...
Corsican Finch
... The Corsican Finch (Carduelis corsicana), also known as Corsican Citril Finch or Mediterranean Citril Finch is a bird in the finch family, Fringillidae ... It was formerly regarded a subspecies of the Citril Finch, but it differs in morphology and vocalizations (Cramp Perrins, 1994, Förschler Kalko, 2007) as well as mtDNA sequence (San ... It has dark-streaked brown upperparts, and brighter yellow underparts than the Citril Finch ...

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