Cirrus Logic

Cirrus Logic (NASDAQ: CRUS) is a fabless semiconductor supplier specializing in analog, mixed-signal, and audio DSP integrated circuits (ICs). They are presently headquartered in Austin, Texas. Their audio processors and audio converters are found in many professional audio and consumer entertainment products, including smartphones, tablets, portable media players, automotive entertainment systems, home-theater receivers, TVs and docking stations. Cirrus Logic's analog mixed-signal converter chips are also used in a wide variety of energy-related applications, including its new line of LED controllers for the incandescent light bulb replacement market, as well as energy measurement chips for applications such as digital utility meters. It was started as Patil Systems, Inc., in Salt Lake City in 1981, by Dr. Suhas Patil and renamed as Cirrus Logic when it moved to Silicon Valley in 1984.

Cirrus Logic has more than 1,000 patents and more than 600 products serving more than 2,500 end customers globally.

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Suhas Patil
... He founded the company Cirrus Logic a fabless semiconductor company ... (1981) in Salt Lake City, which was renamed as Cirrus Logic in 1984 when it moved to Silicon Valley ... He is the Chairman Emeritus of Cirrus Logic from 1997 ...
Cirrus Logic - Graphics History - Graphics Chipsets
... Desktop CL-GD410 + 420 - ISA SVGA chipset, Video 7 VEGA VGA (1987) CL-GD510 + 520 - ISA SVGA "Eagle II" chipset, known for 100% CGA emulation ... (1988) CL-GD5320 - ISA SVGA chipset ...

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