Circuit Park Zandvoort - Use in Simulations / Games

Use in Simulations / Games

In 1998, the older "classic" Zandvoort circuit layout from 1967 was modeled in detail and can be driven in the Grand Prix Legends racing simulation for X86-based PCs. This was later converted to NASCAR 4, NASCAR 2002, 2003 and other simulations using a converter from website 'The Pits'. The current layout is used in the SimBin game RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game, TOCA Race Driver 3, Race Pro and the online simulation iRacing where it is laser scanned for millimeter accuracy. The layout from 1973 to 1980 can be driven in the ISI game Rfactor: it is included in the "Grand Prix 1979" mod. The circuit can also be driven in the "DTM Race Driver" games for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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