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In addition to several smaller Quebec communities, CIMT also has a rebroadcast transmitter in Edmundston, New Brunswick. CIMT is carried on cable in most areas of New Brunswick as well as in parts of Northern Maine. Sister station CHAU also operates several rebroadcasters in New Brunswick, and its main signal covers portions of New Brunswick as well. Between them, the two stations provide all of New Brunswick with TVA service.

Since 1999, CIMT has operated a "nested" low-power rebroadcaster (CIMT-DT-6) serving Rivière-du-Loup. The area's rugged topography renders the main CIMT signal more or less unviewable in the lower portions of the city. CIMT's main signal is on channel 9, while its second transmitter in Rivière-du-Loup airs on channel 41.

CIMT-DT was approved by the CRTC for and planned to convert all its transmitters to digital by the August 31, 2011 digital transition deadline, including its transmitters that were not required to convert by this deadline. Only its transmitters in Rivière-du-Loup was obligated to convert, as Rivière-du-Loup was a mandatory market for digital television conversion.

Station City of licence Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates
CIMT-DT-1 Edmundston, New Brunswick 4 (VHF) 2.22 kW 117.2 m 47°23′23″N 68°18′58″W / 47.38972°N 68.31611°W / 47.38972; -68.31611 (CIMT-DT-1)
CIMT-DT-2 Trois-Pistoles 13 (VHF) 0.050 kW 50.6 m 48°6′19″N 69°10′11″W / 48.10528°N 69.16972°W / 48.10528; -69.16972 (CIMT-DT-2)
CIMT-DT-4 Baie-Saint-Paul 13 (VHF) 0.04 kW -4.2 m 47°25′37″N 70°31′23″W / 47.42694°N 70.52306°W / 47.42694; -70.52306 (CIMT-DT-4)
CIMT-DT-5 Saint-Urbain 38 (UHF) 0.394 kW 27.8 m 47°33′7″N 70°33′38″W / 47.55194°N 70.56056°W / 47.55194; -70.56056 (CIMT-DT-5)
CIMT-DT-6 Rivière-du-Loup (city) 41 (UHF) 0.132 kW 64.1 47°51′28″N 69°33′11″W / 47.85778°N 69.55306°W / 47.85778; -69.55306 (CIMT-DT-6)
CIMT-DT-7 Les Escoumins 35 (UHF) 0.312 kW 87.9 m 48°19′0″N 69°25′41″W / 48.316667°N 69.42806°W / 48.316667; -69.42806 (CIMT-DT-7)
CIMT-DT-8 Cabano 23 (UHF) 0.101 kW 125.5 m 47°37′31″N 68°50′52″W / 47.62528°N 68.84778°W / 47.62528; -68.84778 (CIMT-DT-8)

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