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Jester R, one of the Six Stars (the six most powerful of the Gate Guardians), does not appear much (or at all, after the first level). During the introduction, he is seen with Chief Esswood, and is the only possessor of the rare Purple Majesty. He teaches Ark and Ivy the meaning of being a Gate Guardian, and the responsibility of protection. (25 years old)

Ark J is the character you almost always appear as on-screen. Although at first he seems to be immature (fighting with Ivy over trivial things such as age) he grows throughout the game by learning the meaning of the Guardian's motto, "Protect Everyone". He is a Gate Guardian, under Jester's watchful eye. (18 years old)

Ivy F is Ark's foil, arguing with him at every turn in the first few levels. She believes that he should obey her because she has been a Guardian for a whole month longer than he has, and he replies that she should listen to him, because he is a year older than she is (eight months, to be exact). While she is snobbish at first, she grows alongside Ark, and her actions at the end of the game save the people she has vowed to protect. (17 years old)

Vanrose U is one of 14 pioneers headed for the new land on the Blue Creek train that is abducted by CIMA. He is a very difficult man to work with, at first. Because he does not trust Ark or Ivy, he does not follow their orders, and tends to run off on his own. Shelley, Rick, and Diana are his friends, and he worries excessively about Shelley in particular. (32 years old)

Shelley Y is also a pioneer, presumably going with Vanrose. She is kind, but quick to point out things that Ark and Ivy miss (such as, it's dangerous to stay here). Although she is a member of the group of 14 that Ark commands, she can also move on her own, and carries a gun that is both accurate and painful to CIMA. (27 years old)

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 70.43%
Metacritic 70/100%
Review scores
Publication Score
Famitsu 31/40
Game Informer 80/100
GameZone 7/10
IGN 6/10
Nintendo Power 86/100

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