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Sympathetic Root Of Ciliary Ganglion
... The sympathetic root of ciliary ganglion is one of three roots of the ciliary ganglion, a tissue mass behind the eye ... Their axons ascend with the internal carotid artery as a plexus of nerves, the carotid plexus ... They run forward through the superior orbital fissure and merge with the long ciliary nerves (branches of the nasociliary nerve) and the short ciliary nerves (from the ciliary ganglion) ...
Short Ciliary Nerves
... The branches of the ciliary ganglion are the short ciliary nerves ... They run forward with the ciliary arteries in a wavy course, one set above and the other below the optic nerve, and are accompanied by the long ciliary nerves from the nasociliary ... The short ciliary nerve contains parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve fibers ...
Pupillary Reflex
... and vergence are also known as the "near response", while inhibition of the ciliary muscle is also known as the "far response" ... perception 1° (Bipolar cell of Retina) → 2° (Ganglionic cell) → 3° (Optic nerve → Optic chiasm → Optic tract → LGN of Thalamus) → 4° (Optic radiation → Cuneus ...
Lumbar Ganglia
... The lumbar splanchnic nerves arise from the ganglia here, and contribute sympathetic efferent fibers to the nearby plexuses ... Nerves – autonomic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system/ganglion/trunks and parasympathetic nervous system/ganglion) (TA A14.3, GA 9.968) Head ...

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