Ciano may refer to:

  • Galeazzo Ciano (1903–1944), Italian foreign minister, and son-in-law of Mussolini.
  • Costanzo Ciano (1876–1939), Italian naval commander and politician, father of Galeazzo.
  • Ciano (Crocetta del Montello), a hamlet (frazione) of Crocetta del Montello, Veneto
  • Ciano d'Enza, a hamlet (frazione) of Canossa, Emilia-Romagna

Other articles related to "ciano":

Giuseppe Castellano - Biography - Military Career
... friend of Benito Mussolini's son-in-law Galeazzo Ciano, who was the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs ... Ciano was involved in ousting Mussolini in July 1943 after the Allied invasion of Sicily ... Castellano sided with Ciano and had a prominent role in the events that led up to the fall of the fascist regime ...
Emilio Pucci - World War II
... to save her husband, Mussolini's former Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano who was on trial for his part in the removal of Mussolini from power in 1943 ... The plan involved delivering some of Ciano's papers to the Gestapo so that they could be bartered for Ciano's life ... in order to extract from him information on the location of the portion of Ciano's papers that remained in Italy ...
Costanzo Ciano
... Costanzo Ciano, 1st Count of Cortellazzo and Buccari (August 30, 1876 - June 26, 1939) was an Italian naval commander and politician ... He was the father of Galeazzo Ciano ... Born at Livorno the son of Raimondo Ciano and wife Argia Puppo, he entered the Naval Academy of Livorno in 1891, being appointed Officer five years later ...
Crocetta Del Montello - History and Geography - Prehistory and Antiquity
... been found along the north-east edge of the Montello, above the boroughs of Ciano and Santa Margehrita, which at the time were on the Piave river ... Ciano takes its name from an ancient Roman temple devoted to the cult of Cyane ... The temple's focus was the Buoro di Ciano spring, which presently lies at the end of a 10 m long grotto, and whose water was reputed to be beneficial to the health ...
Galeazzo Ciano - In Popular Culture
... A number of films have depicted Ciano's life, including Mussolini and I (1985) in which he was played by Anthony Hopkins ... Raúl Juliá played Ciano in the 1985's television mini-series, Mussolini The Untold Story ... In Serbia there is proverb "Living like count Ciano" - describing a flamboyant and luxurious life (Živi ko grof Ćano/Живи ко гроф Ћано) ...