Chrysler Valiant Charger

The Chrysler Valiant Charger is a muscle car introduced by Chrysler Australia in 1971. It was a short wheelbase two door coupe based on the concurrent Australian Chrysler Valiant sedan. Introduced within the VH Valiant range of cars, it continued as a variant through the subsequent VJ, VK and CL series, until ceasing production in 1978. It was marketed and badged as the Valiant Charger in the VH and VJ series and as the Chrysler Charger in the later VK and CL series.

The Charger was extraordinarily popular in Australia during the VH series and proved to be similarly so in New Zealand where they were assembled from imported kit components. The VH Valiant Charger achieved critical acclaim too, winning the 1971 Australian Wheels Car of the Year Award.

However, the very real 'muscle' persona of the Charger quickly faded through the VJ range of cars and was effectively neutered altogether by the time of the VK series release in 1975. During its seven years of production, the Charger carried many variations of essentially two basic powerplants, based around the Hemi 6 and versions of the V8 Chrysler LA engine.

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