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Billed as "pillared hardtops", all R-body vehicles were available as 4-door sedans only. No coupe, convertible, or station wagon was offered; Chrysler could not afford to develop these additional body styles. Most R-body models were built at the Lynch Road Plant in Detroit.

The only R-body models that sold in substantial number were the 1979 Newport and New Yorker. 1979 was strong year for the industry as a whole, but the second oil crisis and Chrysler's ongoing financial crisis and fears of impending bankruptcy caused sales to plummet dramatically by 1980. With sales continuing to fall, the R-body cars were dropped midway through the 1981 model year.

Originally there was no R-body (or any other full-size) Plymouth. Heavy demand from fleet customers caused Chrysler to reintroduce the Gran Fury as an R-body for 1980. Although the Gran Fury outsold its R-body siblings for 1980, sales were still well below the industry average for that year and continued to slide for 1981. Few St. Regis and Gran Fury models were built for private civilian customers, the bulk of the production being police package vehicles.

Chrysler Newport
Plymouth Gran Fury Salon
Chrysler New Yorker
Dodge St. Regis

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