Chronology of Pakistan's Rocket Tests

Chronology Of Pakistan's Rocket Tests

The Suparco's spaceflight missions and tests were the unmanned space missions of the Space Research Commission (SUPARCO) that was aimed for developing high-altitude rockets and space booster for the development of the country's space programme. The exploration programme provides opportunities for physics, atmospheric physics and astrophysics, investigations from Upper atmosphere. Since its inception, over ~200 unmanned space missions were launched by Suparco from 1961 till its partial termination in 1972.

Originally, it has been a SUPARCO programme and is still active as of current. The space mission programme has taken over by various aerospace authorities, institutions, including many international collaborations, in the country. Since late 1980s, most of the tests have been involved in the research and development, followed by the physical testings of the ballistic missile have also been conducted and mentioned. Notable spaceflights of the launchers have included Rehbar-I, Shaheen-I/Shaheen-II, various Ghauri-II space boosters and missiles.

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