Chronological Age

  • (noun): Age measured by the time (years and months) that something or someone has existed.
    Example: "His chronological age was 71 years"

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Marilyn Vos Savant - Rise To Fame and IQ Score
... the 1937 Stanford-Binet, Second Revision test at age ten, which obtained ratio IQ scores (by dividing the subject's mental age as assessed by the test by chronological age, then multiplying the ... Vos Savant claims her first test was in September 1956, and measured her ceiling mental age at 22 years and 10 months (22-10+), yielding an IQ of 228 ... Hoeflin calculated her IQ at 218 by using 10–6+ for chronological age and 22–11+ for mental age ...

Famous quotes containing the word age:

    When winter snows upon thy sable hairs,
    And frost of age hath nipped thy beauties near;
    When dark shall seem thy day that never clears,
    And all lies withered that was held so dear,
    Then take this picture which I here present thee,
    Limned with a pencil not all unworthy;
    Samuel Daniel (1562–1619)