Christopher Erhardt - 2005-2007 Public Presentations

2005-2007 Public Presentations

  • Co-Presenter: GDC 2005 session ('The DigiPen Video Game Curriculum: From the Game to the Classroom')
  • Moderator: PAX 2006 ('Gaming and Controversy')
  • Moderator: November 2005 Game Producers Boot Camp
  • Speaker: WritersUA 2006 ('User Assistance in Video Gaming')
  • Panelist 2006 Games Initiative ('Applying Transferable Skill Sets')
  • Panelist 2006 E3 Expo ('The New Gamemaker: Trends in the trenches of game making and publishing')
  • Member: 'Seattle Bureau of Trade-2007 World Cybergames Steering Committee'
  • Moderator: PAX 2007 ('Growing Old in Gaming', Getting an education in Gaming')
  • Presenter: VGEXPO 2007 ('Education and Gaming')

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